A wise man once said (umm…hang on, I bet this was probably said by a woman!) 😉

“If we only used all this knowledge that we already have, we probably wouldn’t have to learn anything new at all!”
This is how I see it: life is simple. And so are the solutions for our problems. This becomes even clearer, when we take the time to look at our main problems and realise, that we already have all the solutions for them – in fact, we’ve had them for years.
You know exactly how to lose weight. Eat a bit less, eat healthier and exercise. You also know how to be happier in your job. Apply for a different role that you really enjoy, or start your own online business. Quit your current job and never look back.
We know all of this already but we sabotage ourselves and end up just not getting these things done.
Oftentimes we are so obsessed with taking this new course, finally doing more studies, or reading yet another book to get ahead in life.
Our attitude is never in the here and now and not about who we really are. We completely forget that it is NOT the new course or the training that will suddenly, miraculously turn everything around for the better.

It’s a bit like the donkey with the carrot and I want to help you stop this vicious circle and do something small, yet very very powerful.
Here’s my little inspiration for you today to get you started:
What is the one small thing, that you can do TODAY to take yourself closer to your goal?
What is the one small thing you keep avoiding that keeps you so busy avoiding it, you’re not even able to begin?
This is the solution. It is not that new, great big course tomorrow, but the small, seemingly meaningless step you take today!
You do know what to do but if you’re still feeling that you are not going anywhere and you keep on sabotaging yourself, don’t get disheartened, re-read the blog, listen to the video again and remember it takes only a small step a day.