Pura Vida! We’ve recently returned from a beautiful family vacation at the Arenal Volcano! It was so amazing, and we chatted about how we feel everyone should be able to have the freedom to live in the way they want to – whether it’s having a home in the tropics, skiing in the mountains, or sunbathing in the desert 🙂

I know, I know. In the spiritual world, people usually do often not like too much about money.
Unfortunately, too many good people are not best buddies with the money energy.

This is why we want to break this taboo. It’s not helpful for anybody!

We’re fully committed to inspiring and motivating you to take action and make this extraordinary way of life a reality for you too, but not only you – for the countless other people that could benefit from you creating your own million dollar business if you want!

As you may know, we’ve been working online for a number of years and have actually created a million dollar online business from doing what we love, which is helping and inspiring people all around the world.
So now, we’re here to show you and other people changing the world the steps we took – and the steps you can take too, to create a meaningful online business that could change your life forever.

For sure we can show you all the steps, but there’s one thing we want you to know – the one thing we want to really drive home, is that you can actually make money simply from doing what you love, and when you create such abundance in your life, especially in this way, you can do so many things to contribute to your whole family, the lives of others around you and even make a positive contribution to world at large (at least to some extent!), so whether it’s helping provide incredible experiences for your children like we do, or helping reforest the Amazon one tree at a time, or giving to the charities closest to your heart – you can do it too, and so much more…

Do you feel me here? It was never just about us.

If you have a gift, or an ability and you share it with the world, you impact the lives of others directly of course, but also indirectly through the abundance you create all around you, and honestly, what would you do if you had an abundance of financial resources? Donate to charities, provide medical care to the poor, fund research projects, build wells in Africa, give seeds – the possibilities are endless when we let go of our ‘spiritual’ fear of making money – and just invest all this emotion into doing what we love, every single day.