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When Ka’s doing something like running one of his free webinars – or posts a YouTube video, we always love seeing so many amazingly positive comments from people who have taken information or ideas away and feel like they want to share their own personal stories or give thanks, which is so awesome, but we also very occasionally get people who simply feel the need to be nasty, and post negative comments – it’s not cool for sure, but also I don’t think those people realize how what they’re doing isn’t helpful for them either, or anyone for that matter… Especially if we follow the policy to treat others how we would want to be treated, or taking that a step further – how we treat ourselves…

Treating others with respect isn’t just an important part of life – it’s absolutely essential, but what I want to talk about with you today is – are you treating yourself with this same respect? So many people focus on trying to make other people happy all the time, but then forget about taking time for themselves, so by the time they get around to thinking about their own happiness, all their energy is gone, and they end up putting off their needs because they simply ‘don’t have the time or energy’ to do otherwise.

Then it just seems like an endless cycle that usually leads to resentment, anger, sadness and depression, that may be expressed towards yourself and others, so really the important message here is that you’ve got to find a way of ensuring that you look after yourself, and take some time each and every day to pursue your own happiness by doing what you love – Ka and I recommend taking a block of time that’s just for you, whether it’s early in the morning before everyone else is awake (we find this works best if you have children), or at some other time that’s ideal for you to really focus in on what truly matters to you.

“Hmmmm, but I don’t know what makes me truly happy….”

I can hear you saying that, and it’s a common question in people who haven’t ever taken the time to sit down and think about their own happiness – and here’s an easy way to determine what makes you really happy. Each day, during the time you’ve put aside just for you, ask yourself really specific questions around your hopes, desires and dreams. By doing this, and committing to it you’ll quickly discover new ways to fulfill yourself emotionally, physically and mentally – all while still having plenty of time to tend to the requirements of your life like business or work, family and the needs of others too. Ka and I wanted to get together and share a few pointers with you on this, so here we go.


This probably won’t come as a surprise, but the first step toward inner peace and self-awareness is realizing that negative thoughts drain your energy very, very quickly. Questions like, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ ‘Why didn’t I do more?’ or ‘Why didn’t I see this coming?’ only lead to negative answers like, ‘Because you deserve it’, ‘Because you aren’t good enough’ or ‘Because you’re not smart enough’ which are all basically unhelpful responses.

Those negative thoughts repeat themselves throughout the day, making it so difficult for you to focus on the tasks that you need to get done and almost impossible for you to remain in the moment. Please stop thinking that way – I give you permission to be kinder to yourself. Whether you like it or not, what may be considered as ‘bad things’ happen to most of us far more often than we’d like. There’s always more we could have done, and there’s no way to predict everything that could happen. Am I right?

So to deal with that negative thinking, start asking more positive questions like, ‘What am I going to do differently today?’, ‘What am I really thankful for?’, ‘What activities make me feel super happy?’, ‘Who are the people in my life that I trust?’, ‘What am I proud of about myself?’

These are all positive questions that result in positive answers that you can repeatedly reflect

upon and draw constructive energy from throughout your day. These questions give you permission to explore potential life changes and how these changes could positively influence your happiness – simple, but effective. These questions allow you to appreciate what you already have and cherish in your life, as well as ensure you’re focusing on the brighter side of so much more in your future too. Give it a go 😉


Positive thinking can lead you on a seriously more fulfilling journey through life. For example, you may discover that while you enjoy your career, there are other things you want to do that make you extraordinarily happy, so strive to find the time to pursue these things – maybe change your job, start an online business or even downsize by selling or giving away any belongings that feel like they’re weighing you down. You’d be so surprised at what little you need in the way of things to live a happy life – look back at some of Ka’s videos where he shares how we travel very light, and have very few possessions, even for a family of 8 like us – they simply aren’t needed to be happy.

When you consistently think happy, positive thoughts, you’re able to cultivate an abundance of natural energy that’s expressed in every relationship you have and in every facet of your life, not to mention providing you with a surplus of resources to deal with any of life’s problems, should they arise. Having a positive attitude isn’t going to make your issues or sudden emergencies necessarily disappear, but you’ll likely experience far less problems in your life and for anything that does actually come up, such times will certainly be easier to work through – trust me, I’ve been there 😉

Doing what you love everyday and feeling happy will positively influence practically everyone around you. Newsflash, most people want to be around happy people, but that’s not really much of a surprise, is it? This is why you need to set firm boundaries with people whenever possible so you always have enough time and energy to focus on them – and on yourself too. Saying ‘No’ to another person’s request isn’t a crime, so chill out – the real crime is not putting the time into carving out a happy life for yourself so you can do what you love, every single day. Think about it…


Create a daily ritual (we love these!!) to sit and ask yourself really positive uplifting questions and remember to keep a journal to hold onto your thoughts – this could be a written journal or something on your phone, it’s all good. Negative thoughts will for sure creep in – they do for Ka for sure, and myself sometimes too, but I suggest you consciously try to stop negative thoughts from running through your mind and when you feel one coming on, switch it out for a positive question or image instead.

So there you have it, the simple answer is to change negative thoughts to positive ones to maintain a sense of peace and happiness, so you can grow as a person, have an abundance of energy, contribute to the lives of others so much more and truly give yourself the best chance possible at achieving your dreams.

Love 💕 and Sunshine,