Hello dear friends 💕
We are so happy that you have found your way to us…

We are Chris and Katie and together with our 6 children, we try to live a peaceful, mindful, and vegan life.
For us to living as peacefully as possible is our most important goal, because we are a big family and we have children between the ages of 3 and 18.  So not only we have created a harmonious and supporting atmosphere for the children, but also for us as “Mom & Dad”, as the basis for the parent-child relationship.

We live a free, peaceful, and natural family life together with our children and animals. And of course, that doesn’t mean that everything always goes easy or everybody is always happy, but we make a point in finding balance and peace over and over again…

Then we have other topics as well, that are really important to us, like Homebirth, Co-sleeping, Breastfeeding, being plant-based, Yoga, and conscious parenting through Worldschooling. Furthermore, minimalism and sustainability are also important to us.

Since we are all sun lovers and wanted to give our children a near-natural childhood, we emigrated to Costa Rica 10 years ago.
In Costa Rica, we have built an ecological wooden house with almost exclusively natural materials.

Have a look here.

In order to be closer to our family of origin, in Germany, our mums and dads, we spend the warm European summer months (July / August) in Northern Europe each year. For this we have converted an old truck into a tiny house, so that we can live easily, regardless of location and close to nature in the visiting season. 

At another part of the year, during the Costa Rican rainy season from October-December, we like to spend our family time in southern Spain.

We want to inspire you and other families to live more in accordance with natural laws of freedom and peace with their children. We show by example how beautiful life can be as a (large) family, when you are ready to go through the constantly changing life together.

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