Fast Raw Food Kale Chips Recipe For “On The Road”
Hello everybody,
This is Ka, Jaro and my youngest Luna.  I am sitting here in my office in Costa Rica.  We arrived here safely,  this is the view from my office.  Today I wanted to announce again that we are starting a 30 day YouTube project.  We will be filming throughout the entire day our life and uploading it on our other channel :

Today I would like to show you how we make some delicious kale chips.  Come with me to our kitchen and I will show you.  This is where the kids do their home schooling and this is my office again.  Here is the kitchen – this recipe is very simple.  All you need is some cashew nuts, these are macadamian.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of nut.  You also need some nutritional yeast, some liquid aminos acids from Braggs- this is the best- some chia seeds and some pink Himalayan salt and red bell peppers.
You simply blend all those all together in a blender – go by feeling, add a little water to make it liquid.  Then you pour them – you see even Luna likes it – put it all in a bowl and take some clean kale leaves and put them into the bowl and cover them in the sauce. Put them on trays into the dehydrator, if you don’t have one you can use the oven on low with the door open a little.  This does waste energy so it is better to use a dehydrator if you can.
The next morning you have some great kale chips, we all love them.  Our friend just brought some fresh coconut water and we have some fresh green juice we made this morning – I recommend this for everyone.  This was just a quick and easy raw food recipe for healthy, yummy kale chips – it’s a great snack for kids to take to school or you to take to work.
Please check out our other channel to watch our new daily videos logs from me and my family.  I would love to connect with you there.  Thanks so much, time for Luna to take a little nappy now.  Bye bye , see you soon your Ka.


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October 6th, 2014

Big Announcement And Changes……

Written by Ka Sundance

Hi Guys,
This is your Ka speaking and we are back here!! Check this out we are back in paradise, back in Costa Rica!!! We arrived a few days ago and actually I have a special announcement to make today in regards to my YouTube presence. We have been receiving many, many emails from people who want to know more about our life. We have an amazing life travelling the world on a constant basis and living in awesome places like this! People want to know what we eat, what we do the entire day.

As a family with an online business that reaches millions we decided to do a little experiment. I talked this through with Katie so the family is behind me. For the next month I will be doing a daily upload to basically share our life on our other channel at

This will not be content where I talk as a speaker, but we will be sharing from morning till evening what we do for the entire day. This is our plan. I am reacting to requests I have gotten from you guys. But also the idea I have with this, I am driven to inspire people all around the world to live a more healthy life and a more purpose filled life. Whatever serves that purpose its welcome and this is why I am doing this

I will have to see how this works because I will have to edit every evening , if I film throughout the day I will have to edit at night and I will not have much free time. I will upload late in the night. I have a link below the video player here where this new format will happen. You will be able to see new videos every day. I still have a little delay of 10 or 12 videos on this other channel. I started this channel with my birth, when I went to school, when I met Katie and more.


I was the first kid in school with a video camera in ’92. This other channel is really a documentary of my entire life really. There are still some videos to be loaded but I am going to start today, so that each and every day there will be a video online about me and my life, about what we do the entire day- on this other channel. I would love to see subscribers and clicks – if we see a lot of interest we will continue to do it, if not it will just be a one month experiment.

Now I am interested in your comments , your ideas, how you feel about this??

Are you excited, how do you feel about this?

Please leave us a comment and also subscribe at if you want us to do this!

It will only be in English, to all my ever growing German fan base we are going to try this in English first to see if there is even a need for this. This is going to require a lot of time every day from me – a lot actually. But it is serving a bigger purpose and I am happy to do this. I love YouTube, I have been doing this my entire life and this seems like a logical next step to try this.

Thanks so much, this your Ka – peace, love and rock and roll!!
Over and out – bye bye.

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How can you find happiness?

Hi Guys,
This is your Ka speaking, I want to warmly welcome your here from the beautiful German forest in the southern part of Germany. We are here for a few more days and these are the warm, late summer days.

Today I want to talk about happiness. I want to teach you some ways to boost your happiness level in your life. Not only coming from the spiritual, hippy guru stuff but scientifically proven techniques that will enhance and boost your happiness level in your life.  I would like to come from this angle today to not turn off people that want some proven techniques that have been tested. Thank God there are people doing this so we can profit from this knowledge. I want to get started right away.

1. It is proven that people who have some kind of spiritual belief or love to participate in a religion are generally ( if they practice it) more happy than people who don’t have a religion. It is about doing the meditation, doing the yoga, doing the prayers – it doesn’t matter what but you need to practice it. What ever it is you need to practice it and you will be more happy. It is about doing it – that is the big part of it.


Turn off the world for a bit

2. People who are able to shut down their cell phone several times a day are generally speaking, more happy than people who are always are on it – you know these kind of people – you are in a conversation and they have to check messages or text. They can’t even think of turning off their cell phone – it has been tested that if you can turn it off at times during the day that you will be more happy. A little health advice at the end- at night always put it on airplane mode so you are not exposed to the cell phone waves.

3. Don’t rely on external validation. This means that people who are in touch with themselves and live a life according to their beliefs and are aligned with them are happier. They are not looking for shoulder tapping from the outer world, from parents or spouses or partners. Make yourself independent from that, it doesn’t matter , it doesn’t mean anything what people around you say. What matters is what you say and what you think about it. If something feels right, if you feel like wearing a purple hat everyday by god put it on and be proud of it. Don’t give a damn about what people feel about it!!! If it feels right to have a purple hat on -go for it. I would love to see you with a purple hat – if I see someone walking down the street today with a purple hat, I will know you have been watching my video!!

Happiness is not linked to having money

4. Happiness is not necessarily linked to money. It is not about buying a lot of things, those that can buy those things are no happier than those who cannot. It’s not about having or owning stuff, it doesn’t bring happiness. What brings happiness is if you invest your money not into things but experiences. it is a subtle difference, but important. I like it because you don’t need to be rich to get a cool experience – going for a hike through the forest, climbing a mountain or going to the beach. There are so many things you can do as an experience that you don’t need money for. That is a blessing for everybody who is not blessed with a fortune. It’s about having experiences and you can design those. You have to go out and get them or make them happen. They do not fall from the sky. It is a good thing that happiness is not related to money. I wanted to highlight this point especially because it empowers you because you  can create an experience that is exciting for you and your kids!! So go out and do it!

Healthy eating leads to happiness

5. Of course, I love this very much. It is scientifically proven that there is a connection between healthy eating and happiness. So people who eat raw, alive, vibrant foods – like fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. And especially I want to highlight my very best of all times, the rock and roller of health foods – the green juices! If you eat healthy and drink green juices you are going to be a more happy human being. Because you are living in accordance with the needs of your body. You have been looking and dealing with emotionally eating patterns, you have discipline and are focused on eating healthy and being happy. More then someone who stuffs themselves with junk and drugs will be. So eat the healthy foods to be more happy.

Being grateful for things makes you happy


6. Gratitude. People who are grateful or find reasons to be grateful are much happier than those who don’t have this gratitude. This again guys is a decision – it is not a condition it is a decision. I have seen people in so much poverty and they were so grateful and happy as human beings. I know millionaires who are so unhappy. So please don’t link that to the money and say “oh I am so poor” – don’t victimize yourself. You have got to find it – no matter where you are or how ambitious your goals are or how badly you want to reach those goals – you have to find reasons in the here and now to be thankful for. Other then this the whole thing will collapse if you don’t find things to be thankful for. You will loop yourself in an unhappy environment - you are gonna affirm unhappiness, you are gonna affirm I still didn’t do it, I still have this body, I am still broke. That’s not how it rolls if you want to become happy you have to find the little things you are happy for , that you are grateful for – that you enjoy and are happy about. You find the fuel to reach your goals and take the necessary action steps and you just have a totally energetic frequency around you. Oh my god, that was not very scientific was it! You just will be more happy if you are grateful, there is a connection and it is scientifically proven. Again, forget the spiritual stuff!

Happiness is a decision

7. Again this is not rocket science but happiness doesn’t fall from the sky. You have to be willing to take some action, to find happiness, to create it. Happiness is a decision. People who are not very happy like to feel it is luck or fate or it is not meant for them to be happy, I have this burden and this hard life. Guys, it is not the condition but the decision. The question is not what kind of life you have but what kind of meaning do you give the experiences you do everyday. One person can give a specific thing a totally different meaning then another person. You could have the best thing happening to you but if you don’t appreciate it you will not see it. A very bad thing can happen, my friend Sam Cawthorn lost his right arm, but he is one of the most happy and most vibrant people I have met in life. Happiness is a decision , you can decide to be happy and you don’t need to wait for anything to make that decision. Get out there and get some more happiness for yourself! I think this is the most important one so I will end here.

I would love to get some comments from you. What did I miss? Did I miss some practices or scientific case studies that you know? Please post them down below, I always like to receive any comments.

Get on our list to stay in touch. Thanks so much for watching, I will be back soon with more videos from beautiful Germany before we move on for a very long, warm and happy winter. Thanks so much, this is your Ka. Love you guys and will be back soon.

Bye bye

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I have to ask you a question

Hi Guys,
This is your Ka speaking, I want to warmly welcome you from a warm late summer evening in Germany. My beloved German forest is in the background. We have been in Thailand for the last few months. From here we will go westward in two weeks, we are stopping quickly to see family and friends. I have to ask this question and others have been asking this as well. As a vegetarian or vegan can you have meat eating friends? Is that allowed or should it be forbidden?? Should you not sit at a table with people who eat meat? Would you sit on a leather couch at a friends home? Would you still talk to people who have made it clear that they have no interest in hearing about your vegan ideas?

I am provoking you a little with the situations I just described, but there is still a realness to them. The reason I want to talk about this is that I have been vegetarian for the last 10 years, we are 95% vegans and for months 100%. We have some bee products, honey,bee pollen and some eggs and goats milk products a couple of times a year. If the kids crave it I have no problem with that.


In the eyes of a purest

Technically, especially in the eyes of the purest, for sure these make me ‘not a vegan’.  So I should not even take the word in my mouth is the purists point of view. This is what I want to talk about. I love the idea of vegan-ism, the idea that we will not harm other living beings. I am fully behind this idea. The problem is that it is a great life style but such a bad religion. Guys, all wars have been started on this earth because some people thought that they were better. They thought they had the torch of light and had to bring it to the valley of darkness. This is what vegans do. They make a great idea look so bad. If vegans feel like they are better, are more advanced, have more knowledge and therefore are better people, it is not good.  They have to convince all the people underneath them to raise up to their level. This attitude makes the vegan idea look bad!!


Don’t try to convince others

How can you justify that you are vegan because you don’t want to harm other beings – you have love for all other animals and humans in the kingdom – and yet you judge and condemn others who are not vegan. I think this doesn’t make sense – I am very happy to share a table with meat eaters and tell them to enjoy their meal. I think this is so important!  The main message of this video is “do not try to convince your family and friends and especially by talking down to them”. You sit there and feel like you are a better and enhanced human being. You were not born a vegan were you??? Almost nobody has being born as a vegan especially us nose- high- in- the- sky Western people. You have been eating meat most of your life, how on earth can judge people who are doing what you have been doing most of your life???? This is doesn’t make sense. How you judge yourself if you go to a party and you smell meat cooking – you might find it disgusting but sometimes it smells nice and brings up a good memory. How would you feel about yourself if you have this attitude towards meat eaters?? You will be very negative and judgmental if those thoughts and feelings pop up. If you lock them away and do not allow yourself to feel them you will be putting them in a backpack and carrying it everywhere with you.


You have to be tolerant and have compassion

You have to be tolerant – practice this towards yourself and others as well. I think this is such a big point missing in the vegan movement – compassion – the compassion you have for animals you need to have for your brothers and sisters in the human race. People are in very different stages of their lives, if you would have come to me 15 years ago and talked about organic foods, raw foods and to let go of my beer and steak – I would have laughed at you and in no way would I have listened to you. I wouldn’t even have listened to myself if I met him 15 years ago!!!!  And that must be ok. You cannot force others to believe the same things you do. It’s not right and it’s not the way it works. The only thing you can do is walk your talk. Be real and honest, be yourself. Live the things, don’t talk about them.

One point we can totally agree on is the mass produced animal meat and stuff – that is something that is a no go for myself. It is not acceptable to me but still if somebody decides to eat that meat, I will not be the one blaming and making this person feel bad. We can educate people but it is a fine line. A lot of vegans over do it and make the movement look bad by being a preacher or a martyr. How do you feel about this??? Can you be friends with a meat eater, can you share a table with them??


Let’s start a discussion

Should it be legal, should you go to jail for eating meat????
What is your opinion on this , I would love to hear your thoughts on this. It’s a hot topic.

I want to start a discussion here so leave your thoughts and comments below. I am happy to receive them and to read them all. I will be back very soon with more videos inspiring you to become more healthy and to live your dreams. And you can still guess where we are going to go from here!!

Thank you so much, this is Ka.
Bye Bye, love you.

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Reunited with my family

Hi Guys,

This is your Ka speaking and I am coming to you live from a beautiful forest in Germany.  This is one of the only things aside from family that I miss while travelling in the tropics.  We just arrived yesterday so you will have to forgive me if I look a little tired.  I am jet lagged for sure but I feel really energetic because of the diet I am on now. I am eating very little and drinking lots of juices.  I just arrived here and am really, really happy that I was able to put my arms around my family!! Especially my three little kids and Katie – all of them really!!  We are reunited and I am really happy about this!!

It’s also not as hot as it is in the tropics which is a nice change for now, at least.  I wanted to talk to you today about a misconception, a lie that has been put in our heads since childhood.  There is actually two lies:  one is that you can’t enjoy life until you are retired and in the meantime you have to work really really hard.  Those two conceptions have hindered us as a human tribe.  The amount of joy and abundance we could experience has been stunted.  I want to help you question those beliefs.


Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy your life

First with retirement -  I feel we have been brought up with the notion that we can only enjoy life once we retire.  Guys you have to see that the demographics are very clear.  Our society in the Western world is getting older and older.  We do not reproduce enough and this contract we  once had between the older and younger will not work for much longer.  If people tell you that your retirement fund is safe, this is a lie – this will change sooner rather then later.  If you think you can wait for your retirement pension to come and provide for you till the end of your days, you are mistaken – this is gonna change.  This is good news because it forces you to change something and take responsibility right now. To not rely on what the media is telling you.  That is the first thing.  Second you want to live your dreams, to do something that matters to you and others.  If you are 65 or 70 years ( they will increase the retirement age) you might not have any dreams anymore because you have been living against your dreams for an entire life time.  Please don’t do that !!!!!

How many retired people do you know that do exciting things and live their dreams??? There are people, I know it is possible but if you look at the percentage how many are living their dreams it is small.  Second you you might be too sick to live your dreams.  You might have to care for family members who are too sick to follow your dreams.  You cannot do the travel you have been waiting to do your entire life to do.  Now is the time.  Do not put your dreams on the back shelf and let them rot there.


From the bottom of my heart
From my heart I wish for you to just do it now.  What you have to do is to take on responsibility for your life.  Stop victimizing yourself, you are the creator of your life.  Stop blaming the government, your parents, your job, or your inability for your situation.  It’s not fair.  You have been putting yourself in this situation.  You are exactly where you are in order to take the next step.  It’s good to know this and own this place where you are right now.  As hard as this might seem, this is the first step to true change.  You have to admit honestly where you are right now and take responsibility for it.  That is the first step.


It’s a misconception that you have to work really hard 
The second misconception is that you have to work hard your whole life.  I feel that the more fun I have while working – I am working right now- the more time I use for playing and fun and wellness and doing stuff I really enjoy the more impact I have.  It allows me to reach more people and make more money and feel more happiness and have more free time. This connection between working time and getting paid is a conception that can be cracked apart.  You don’t have to get paid by the hour.  You have to take responsibility for that – as long as you are happy with that – keep doing it.  But if you do not feel like you are reaching your full potential and you are not as happy as you could be – question that and take responsibility.  From my own life and experience I would like to advice you to take three steps.


Steps to change your life

10513265_682783451793598_867749661595190809_nThe first step is to change your situation – you have to know exactly where you are – be honest and own it.  Second is you have to create a compelling vision.  You need to be specific and know exactly what is is you want to create.  It needs to make you excited and you can’t sleep if you think about it!!!   Three is to take action and move forward.  You don’t need to know the entire plan, just take this one little action step that you know you have to take.

I have been doing this through an online business helping and serving millions of people out there.  It gives me maximum freedom, it gives me significance, it gives me meaning and so much joy!!  It gives me financial freedom.  This is an option, I don’t know if it is the right one for you but I am sharing what worked for me guys.  These three steps work for anything.  I would love to see you implement them to be more abundant and happy in your life and to give back, to share and contribute in a bigger way.


This is my video.  I hope I have inspired you even though I am jet lagged.  Thanks so much for watching and I will be back from beautiful Germany.
I want to say thank you guys and see you soon, this was your Ka
Bye bye
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