Hi, this is Ka… and today I would like to answer a very common question regarding our Facebook page that we have been getting a lot over the past few weeks.  In fact, this isn’t just relevant to our Facebook page, but also to every Facebook page out there.

Where are my notifications?

So, if you are on Facebook and decide to “Like” a page, and then wonder why it is you don’t get notifications from that page in your newsfeed, this post is for you.  I’m not talking about private Facebook profiles when you “Friend” somebody, I’m talking about “Liking” a page and then not getting updates.  Why is that??

I believe in Facebook

We use Facebook for professional reasons – and also, even more so, to promote a message we really believe in – to help people become more healthy in a natural way and also to inspire people to reach their full potential by going after their dreams.  And we use Facebook like this daily – and have done so since 2009.  We’ve posted thousands of images in that time.

I really believe in Facebook – and You Tube too – they are creating a revolution!  It’s never been easier to post information to a worldwide audience.  I really do love Facebook, we have changed countless lives and reached hundreds of millions of people by using it.  We have weeks when we reach tens of millions of people and we also have weeks when we only reach a few thousand people.  We have weeks where, for days in a row, we only get up to a maximum of 100 new fans per day and then we have days where we get a 1000 new fans a day.

It’s all about the algorithms

Algorithm Wall BackgroundAnd the crazy part is – you can’t foresee which way it’s going to go.  Facebook have complicated algorithms that dictate how they place the posts in the newsfeeds of the fans and also in the newsfeeds of friends of the fans.  And I don’t know how they work it out or what these algorithms are.  But if you want to make sure you will get updates from your “Liked” pages you have to go to the at page and click on the dropdown menu next to the “Liked” button and select “Get Notifications”.  This is the button you have to click to enable you will get updates from your “Liked” pages.

In the old days, it was enough just to Like a page and then you would automatically receive all notifications from it – plain and simple.  But apparently what Facebook wants us to do now, as the owners of the page, is to pay for them to show our notifications to our fans.  Which I think is a bit ridiculous because when you “Liked” the page you already gave Facebook permission to send you notifications.  And you can always “Unlike” the page if you don’t want this to happen any more.  But now, in order to ensure you get notifications you need to enable this feature.

dollar with diamondsA policy that does no one any favors

Facebook seem to be making things very complicated for their users – and I don’t think that is in anyone’s best interest.  There are other social media options available and if Facebook make things too difficult, people will get fed up and rather look for an alternative.  And “poor” Facebook hardly need the cash!  I believe they are actually based in Belize and don’t pay a dollar in taxes!

Not that I have a problem with them making billions of dollars – that’s fine, I believe in Facebook.  But I would just love to see them serving their users better by making it easier for them to automatically get updates from the pages they have already taken the time to “Like”.

How do you feel about this?  Let me have your comments below.

Until next time… Peace, Love and Rock n’ Roll!



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Hello my dear loved ones, this is Ka, coming to you from a beautiful Thai sunset… And today I’d like to inspire you and remove an illusion that you may be under and that I believe is feeding so much unhappiness in the world today.

Job security?

Live Now ReminderI want to inspire you today to move to a place of more happiness by realising that the excuse of so-called “job security” is so often used to neglect and deny your greatest dreams – dreams that should be pursued and lived.  To deny yourself to even allow yourself the possibility of achieving those dreams.

Don’t live a life in the future believing that you will start to live “once I’m retired” or during the next holiday or next weekend.  You pay such a high price when you live a life in the future like that.  You pay a high price in regard to your life force, your happiness level, your relationship with your loved ones and family…

Be the right role model for your kids

And what I consider to be the biggest tragedy of all this is that you are a role model to your kids – to the little ones who are yet to come into their own in this world – and you can talk to them all you want, but if you are living a life that isn’t expressing happiness or are doing a job simply because it is “secure” and brings in money but isn’t actually bringing you happiness.  If you live a life like this you show your kids how to live in exactly the same way.  How can you do that?  I wish you would stop that!

Get out of your comfort zone

Leave Your Comfort ZoneIf you can just get your head around the fact that it is possible for you to fail – big time – even doing something that you don’t enjoy!  Your “secure” job can be taken away from you at any time – and if you can accept this as a fact, then why don’t you at least try to do something that you love?!  If you can fail anyway, why fail with something that you don’t actually enjoy doing? It’s an illusion that your job is “secure” – it’s only secure in your own mind because it fits within your comfort zone and it’s familiar – but again, if this comfort zone isn’t radiating true happiness then I have to question it.

And I know that some people don’t want to hear this – but to live so small is a crime towards yourself, towards your divine inner soul, towards your kids, towards other people out there – people you could otherwise inspire by becoming a better you, by living your dreams, by being a soul-filled, purposeful, passion-driven human being – which is who you truly are in your essence.

This life can’t be “real”!

But some people just choose to believe that this type of life is not meant for them – that life is hard and that it’s hard to earn money and you have to work hard at all times.  They ask themselves “Who am I to live a life of abundance – an abundance of health, money and joy?  Who am I to live such a life – it’s not real!”

Well, I’m telling you my brothers and sisters out there – this life is the most real life there is – anything else is an illusion.  And you can say I’m a dreamer – but I’m not the only one.  The question here is – who do you want to believe?  Do you want to listen to a voice that’s telling you “You can have it all” and that you don’t have to “be” anything or “become” anything for that to happen.  All you have to do is to strip those layers away and become who you truly are, to be who you are meant to be, who you are happy being.

Do you want to listen to that voice and create abundance and health or do you want to listen to the voice that we hear all over the news, just as our parents and society have told us?  I don’t care where you’re from – this is inter-cultural and global.  This is a global idea that has been running the show for such a long time, keeping us small and suppressed – and I don’t want to talk badly about “the system” here, because it is YOU who is supporting this, supporting this idea that life needs to be small and safe.  “You better play safe” or “Be real”.

Forget “reality”

Well, the way I see it being realistic about life really means being pessimistic – all the things that could go wrong kick in – so, forget about “reality”!    You want to be a dreamer, an achiever, a happy person.  Happy people aren’t realists, they’re dreamers.  I’m a dreamer – big time – I dream of a world where we can all live together in happiness and abundance.  I know that most people don’t agree with me – and that’s fine, you can live in another world.

Will you join my island of dreamers?

Follow your dreamsBut I choose, very carefully and consciously, to live in this world – and I would love to suck you in, to take you by the hand and invite you to come and join me on this amazing island I find myself on!  Not just physically (!) but spiritually as well.  There are a lot of great people here already and we do awesome stuff – we change the world from our island here!  Wanna join us?  To be happy?  To do something good?  To be abundant?  To be healthy?

All you have to do is decide you want to do it!  If you prefer instead to keep dreaming about how nice Ka and his family have got things, living in these beautiful places with plenty of money – lucky Ka – then go ahead.  Dream about how nice that would be but how you would prefer to stay in your “golden cage” of job security.  And it’s really fine if that’s what you want to do, but then stop wasting energy dreaming of being able to live like this, because you clearly don’t really want to do so!

So be honest!  Are you just going to be content with dreaming but not achieving your dreams or are you someone who really wants to change, to let go, to take drastic steps towards more health, wealth and abundance on all levels?  Which one are YOU?  I would love to read your comments below!

This is Ka, from Thailand, saying Over and Out – till next time!


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Hi guys,

This is your Ka, coming to you from Thailand again… I’m excited to be back here with you and to answer a question we keep getting via Facebook and that is in regards to our life in Costa Rica and the beautiful house we lived in for nearly a year… what happened to all of that?

Our home is in Costa Rica

So, there’s a short answer and a long answer – the short answer is that our home is in Costa Rica, period – and that’s pretty straightforward to understand.  And the longer answer is that we have plans to buy land and build a house and healing center – this is our long-term plan, and we want to do this in Costa Rica.  So Costa Rica is definitely our home, coz we certainly don’t have anywhere else to call home!

Freedom is…

bigstock-Freedom-6091340But at the same time, all we have there right now are a few boxes in a garage – so we can’t really call that home either!  But… we’re FREE!  And sometimes people look at me when I tell them I don’t have a home and they feel sorry for me… they don’t understand that it’s by choice!  We don’t need a home right now – so we just rent a house or rent accommodation in a resort and we make a home as we need one and if we like a place then we stay there.

It’s a hard thing for people with homes to understand as they believe homes bring stability and happiness – and they don’t understand that it’s our choice not to have a house, not to have a car, not to have any furniture.  That’s very hard to understand for someone who hasn’t experienced that – especially as we have so many kids – but that’s our life, what can I say??  I could lie to you and tell you, “Yes, we have a home”, but I’m always about honesty and that’s just how it is right now.

Best thing for my family

DSC_0016-001.jpgDSC_0016-001.jpgDSC_0016-001.jpgDSC_0016-001.jpgSo at the moment we’re traveling in Thailand, then we’ll go to the US and get some Whole Foods excitement for the family – and then back to Costa Rica at some point in time.  People always ask us “Where are you going next?”  And my answer’s always the same – I have no idea!  I don’t know where I’ll be in 3 weeks’ time, not even in 2 weeks’ time!  Then they get a sorry look in their eye – they feel sorry for us – my response makes them uncomfortable!  And I say to them “Man, this is our choice!  This is freedom!  This is the best thing for my family!

My kids tell me “Daddy, it’s time to move on to the next place” or “Let’s stick around a bit longer”.  Wow, to have that freedom and not to weigh my kids down with my plans – but just for them to be in touch with life, with each moment, with inspiration, with expansion, with possibilities that pop up each day – and to be so free that we can just follow them… That to me is the biggest freedom in life – and it’s the freedom we live every day and the freedom we will continue to live a little longer before we buy our first place in Costa Rica.

My kids’ travel plans!

African Elephant Baby And MomBut even then you won’t see us staying in the same place for the next 20 years – we will continue to travel for as long as the kids want to – they are the driving force behind our lifestyle and as long as they want to see new places we’ll keep moving… They want to go to Africa to see zebras and elephants, they want to go to Egypt to see the pyramids, they want to go to Australia to visit the Aborigines, they want to see the Mayan temples in Mexico, the castles in Germany and Europe, the old Roman empire in Italy…  They want to do all those things, they are so interested in them… and we have the possibility and freedom to do them – so we just do it!!

And I’m interested in how our way of life fits with your belief system?  Is it OK?  Should it be illegal?!  Should we be able to travel so freely and not have a home?  I always love reading your comments and interacting with you – so look forward to hearing from you below!

OK, chat soon, bye for now!


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Hi guys, this is Ka… and you can call me crazy, I don’t care – but I LOVE FOOTBALL!  Always have – it’s been in my system since I was a little kid of 7 years old – back in 1982, when we got all the way to the World Cup final.  In 1986 we got to the final again – against Argentina – but lost.  In 1990 we were world champions after reuniting with East Germany a year earlier.

Football is uniting

Brazil 2014,football Soccer Ball With World Teams FlagsThen we had some dark years, then from 2002 onwards we always got at least as far as the semi-finals – in fact in 2002 we were in the final against Brazil, but we lost against them.  Today I feel like a world champion!  I’m sitting here, a German guy in a Thai bar, along with Swedish, English, Malaysian and about 10 other nationalities all watching football together.  Football really is uniting – I take my kids with me and we all watch together – and if we actually win this World Cup it would be crazy for me not to document it on YouTube!

Germany for world champions!

Flag Of GermanyAnd that’s why I’m doing this blog – hoping, wishing, praying that Germany will be world soccer champions once more!  And you can dislike me for it if you wish, but this is me, this is who I am – I just love football and always have, since I was a child.  I never miss one game in the European or World championships.

And so tonight I will be watching the  game between Brazil and Germany – I’m sorry that Brazil’s top star, Neymar, is missing – his presence would make a victory that much sweeter – but let’s just see what happens tonight!

Now please watch the video below for my personal World Cup diary 2014!

Love to you all,


And so to THE FINAL!

It’s been 24 years since we last won the World Cup.  And 12 years since our loss against Argentina in South Korea in 2002.  I think that trauma was well and truly healed with this championship’s semi-final – and today we have a chance to top even that!  I know some of you think I’m crazy – Katie thinks I’m crazy too, she hasn’t watched one game with me!  But from tomorrow all is back to normal again… until then I am cheering for Germany and… if we win… I am going to ride around the island on my moped tomorrow morning at 7am waving my German flag!  Watch my latest video below to find out if that happens…..!


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Hello my dear loved ones… this is Ka and it is exciting to be back with another raw lifestyle video and blog for you – live from Thailand.

As you know, we all went to Awesomeness Fest and had a great time – and from there we went on to Cambodia where we discovered, amongst other things, one of the biggest wonders on earth – Angkor Wat – and I am just really excited to share my impressions with you of Awesomeness Fest, Cambodia and Malaysia so that you can start to dream and see what is possible if you follow your passion!

From Thailand to Cambodia

So, we started at Awesomeness Fest in Phuket where I was guest speaker and went from there to Cambodia to do a border-run after being in Thailand for a month.  We landed in Siem Reap and then went to see some of the most amazing buildings ever built.  Our traveling like this has been like an educational project for our kids – we want them to see, feel and experience places, not just teach them about them through books.  This is very important to us and this trip to Cambodia and Angkor Wat was no exception.

A different world

Cambodia really is like a totally different world – from a totally different time, a different universe!  Traveling through the streets, we just sat there in the car with our mouths open, taking all this in – truly amazing!

So we started our tour at Angkor Wat, a truly magical, spiritual, ancient place.  And I just want to say how much respect we all have for this culture and this place – and we really wanted to share that with our kids by taking them here too.

Awesome Angkor Wat!

Angkor WatWhat is most amazing to me about Angkor Wat is that its ruins are spread over more than 240 square miles – almost 400 square kilometers – making it the largest hand-build temple/religious artefact ever built.  It’s quite incredible to see the sheer size of it and the fact that it’s still standing after 1100 years is amazing.  Also, the millions of tonnes of sandstone that were used to construct it had to be carried to the site by boats and elephants – it wasn’t found here.

Another very interesting fact about this temple is that it shifted from Hinduism to Buddhism in the late 13th century.  We feel very connected to the Buddhist culture and the temple is still used by practicing Buddhists today.  The Cambodian people are so proud of their temple that they even put it on the national flag!  Over half the visitors coming to Cambodia come here to see this temple.  The massive trees growing through the temple ruins really give you an idea of the age of the place – we really were all so mind-blown by this place!

Following some lunch close to the river, we took a bus to the main formal monument – this is the silhouette you see on the national flag.  We hired a guide here because the kids really wanted to know about its history – why it was built etc – so we gained a lot of interesting facts about the place.  The temple was ruined a bit by the Khmer Rouge war – which was a real disaster for the country – but it has been restored since then via trust funds and investors from around the world working together to restore this magical place.

The kids so loved being here – Ronja even started to paint a scene from the temple, capturing what she saw there.  Then, after a good look around, it was back to our hotel.

From the boat villages…

TONLE SAP LAKE, CAMBODIA-17 NOVEMBER, 2011: Village on the TonleA few days later we took another tour – to learn about some ancient boat villages we had heard about.  These came about in order to deal with the monsoon rains – which you have to understand are nothing like the rain we know in the west!  This is something quite different – the water levels literally rise many meters, meaning that some villages can only survive by building their houses on long stilts.

At the time of our visit, it was the hot, dry season and the water level was very low – but when it rains the water level reaches right up to the houses and people can literally go from house to house by jumping in a boat – hard to imagine just how much water needs to fall to make this happen!

We then followed the river to the lake – the biggest sweet water lake in Cambodia – where we found a restaurant with crocodile steaks on the menu – thank God we are vegetarian is all I can say to that!

… to Phnom Penh

Street scene Phnom PenhAfter our time in northern Cambodia, we then hired a van and a driver who drove us a few hours south to Phnom Penh, the capital city.  There you really experience Asian culture at its best!  As the streets are so crowded, everyone just drives on the sidewalks instead!  As we drove in we crossed the Mekong River and made our way to our hotel from where we proceeded to explore this amazing city.

So if you’d like to know the reasons why we love Cambodia:-

  • Angkor Wat – incredible religious artefact
  • Such an ancient culture – really feels as though it is from a different time
  • We all loved Pnomh Penh – we loved all the food markets, it’s such a different city
  • We all loved the Cambodian hospitality – the Cambodians were super-friendly to us


And those reasons alone are enough to make us want to go back there!

Culture shock!

So after a week in Cambodia, we hopped on a plane again and went to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.  Wow, what a drastic change that was!  From such an ancient culture to a high-tech city with so many different cultures and religions – making it very easy to feel at home here.  Such a tolerant place – we really like it!

So we spent a few days here getting to know the city some more – we’ve been here before but we always love coming back again – it feels like the hub of South-East Asia to us.

A lesson in tolerance

We visited the King’s Palace whilst we were there.  As I just said, one of the things I love about Malaysia is its tolerance.  And I think that might have a lot to do with how the monarchy here is set up.  There is one king, and then 9 (I think!) sultans – all of whom take turns to become king every 4 years – so they all share the king’s throne.  I really like that!

So, that was our South-East Asian tour – hope you enjoyed it!  Now check out the visual version below!  I’m very happy to have been able to share some more of our non-stop traveling adventure experiences with you and promise to continue to do so.

I’ll be back!

Peace, Love and Rock ‘n Roll!


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Hey there,
it is so nice to welcome you here.
We are Ka and Katie Sundance, also known as The Sundancefamily .
We have 5 kids and we were born in Germany …
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    5.30 am on the ferry to the mainland and then the airplane to Malaysia. Kids wanna have some action and see Legoland in Singapore. 5.30 morgens auf der Faehre zum Festland und dann in den Fliege nach Malaysia. Die Kids wollen etwas Action ( Legoland in Sinagapore)